Saint Shadow Plus.

20 09 2012

Ok, i’ve been running the new Saint Clutch rear derailleur for a little while now. At present, i am running this with an xtr ispec shifter and a 11-34 xt cassette.

How is it? if it wasn’t for the recent xtr shadow plus mech, i would call it revolutionary. As it is, i’d say it is the best derailleur on the market for 1×10 drivechains. The spooky part is how quiet everything becomes. No chain clatter on rough ground. Combine that with a solid release, slick upshift and a durable body that if the old Saint is anything to go by will outlast the rest of the bike. I’d say it is a winner.

I have another to go on a burlier hardtail with an m820 ispec shifter. That bike is currently running a slightly modified e13 LG1+ guide, but i will be removing the lower roller portion when i fit the Saint derailleur. I’m not expecting any dropped chains.





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