10 10 2012

Having missed the first cyclocross race of the season due to a cold, I was determined to spend some time out in the sunshine that we have been enjoying recently. With limited range, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and head to the Ardgarten Loop, but throw in a bit of newness by taking in a section of the Cowal Way. The initial climbs afforded some beautiful views if not the most inspiring trails.

As i descended down to Lochgoilhead, a local had to have a think before letting me pass by and onto the climb that leads to Coilessan Glen.

As i reached the confluence of 2 streams at a waterfall, i reconsidered my route.

Another trail headed steeply up onto the shoulder of Ben Donich. It looked like it might be fun and the map suggested a sweet little drop into Glen Croe, after running alongside the Allt Coire Odhair. This could be an alternative way to close the loop. It started well enough, though the lowering cloud level was a little ominous.

Lets just say it became a little vague.

Then it got even more vague.

Soon enough i decided that i should rejoin the Cowal Way instead. This required a little bushwhacking, then a very steep hump up onto the high moorland. To be fair, it gave great views of Ben Arthur – the famous cobbler – but the going was very boggy under tyre. I was glad to get back to the side of Loch Long and then home.

Today, with the sun still shining i headed out to Mugdock and was rewarded with dry trails! Lets just say it doesn’t take much riding on dry, nadgery, woodsy trails to wipe the memory of boggy trail from my mind.




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