Ben Lawers.

29 10 2012

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on New York, New York, we are reminded of powers far greater than we can control. The weather, though superficially influenced by our degenerate behaviour, is one of those greater powers. No amount of raising arms, rain dancing or wishful thinking will change the weather.

A couple of weeks ago, forecast blue skies meant a doorway that I felt was fast closing might just let me through for another peak at the higher ground.

Ben Lawers is a nature reserve. It also, rather counterintuitively, has a car park half way up it. That means it can be busy, particularly as it lies close to larger centres of population than most of the interesting terrain. It is the 9th highest mountain in Scotland but this is tamed by ease of ascent. I was more interested in the path out to An Stuc and the descent off the north side of Beinn Ghlas. It was to be a short day, but I had not counted on a significant snow fall that would curtail my activities. By a strange coincidence, I had forgotten to pack a warm mid-layer. It did make the decision not to push on from Lawers to An Stuc a simple one!

With some ice forming on the wet rock of the descent from the saddle between Beinn Ghlas and Lawers, I could not enjoy the trail as much as hoped, but it was still a great day. Encouragingly, I made the entire loop in under 3 hours. With the proximity to Glasgow, I can be up there and round pretty quickly. But best to avoid the busy times, i’m sure.




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29 11 2012
Ford Bailey

Fantastic ! What a great place to ride !

11 07 2016
Response. | drj0nswanderings

[…] Once at the Falls of Dochart, the plan was to whip round Loch Tay and climb up to Ben Lawers. I was hoping to have enough time to get up and over the top to see what the trail was like after the summit, but I was unsure if the weather would play nice, or the low cloud and mizzle would make it a little pointless. The last time I was up there, a squall of snow made life pretty interesting. […]

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