18 11 2012

The last few weeks have slipped by. Snot may have lubricated that sliding. We’ve all been blighted by the cold, coughs and gunky eyes. Nice.

Two things to note though. Firstly, project ‘Snow Job’ is go. Snow Job? a GI Joe character. He has a red beard and is a winter combat specialist. Two pictures, to pique your interest, from Sean (the builder/alpha cheese of Vertigo Cycles).


Some stays there with a becoming curve, i’d say.


The swaged tube may form the back bone of a set of bars. We’ll see.

I have posted about my plans for a fat bike recently and the ideas have crystallised now. I’m not going to spill all the beans, but suffice to say it will be sweet as. One of the neatest features we are aiming for is a PF 30 bottom bracket shell, in a custom 100mm width. This (when mated with King PF30 BB cups) should allow me to use 24mm or 30mm axle cranks. ’30mm?’ I hear you cry….’e13 then?’. Nope. Sean is hoping to have some super wide Hollowgram axles made that will allow me to use a very versatile, stiff and, yes, light system.

This project is going to take some time. There are several things that will need more than the usual amount of preparation to come to fruition. I’ll obviously post more details as it takes shape.

What else? Mr Naegears and myself took our first track class at the Chris Hoy velodrome. The banking didn’t faze me as much as I thought it might, though I found the rental bikes a tad under geared for booting it…my usual slow cadence is clearly not ideal! I guess if you have ridden a fixed gear and/or in a skate park you will be ahead of the game. It is wicked good fun. I’d thoroughly recommend having a go. Our next class is soon and you can bet I’m going to practice walking around on smooth concrete floors in grip-less look keo cleats a bit more before my next visit. Yep, it was pretty embarrassing!


So. There we have it.

Today’s music from RL Burnside.





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