25 11 2012

Do like building wheels. The Surly Marge Lites are pretty neat, with the box sections at the edges of the rim which i would presume aids stiffness and durability. I have built my fat rear wheel with a Hope fatsno hub after a lot of deliberation over which 170mm rear hub to use. There are pros and cons of them all…if DT made one, it would be an easy choice! But as it stands, quite a few folk I know and trust use the fatso, it is reasonably field serviceable, allows a nearly symmetrical (stronger) wheel build and spares are from a local source. I would have liked to try the Paul components one, in general I have always found Paul parts exceptionally well made and durable, but having I9 internals makes it slightly less easy for me to get parts if needed.

I used DT comps and Prolock aluminium nipples. As ever, the sums are important and in this instance I used Freespoke, which has the useful feature of allowing for the offset nipple holes, the DT calculator and I also measured the parts myself in order to check the validity of the published numbers. It is important to do this when using aluminium nipples so the spokes ‘fill’ the nipple and durability is high.


Next, I plan to disassemble the Hope 170mm quick release and rebuild it with DT RWS end parts. Such is (my) life.




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