30 12 2012

The number 3 is quite interesting. As ever, see Wikipedia’s entry.

An odd, but welcome, day. In the morning Daisy joined me on the xtra cycle RoShamBo for a trip to feed the ducks, play at Mugdock castle playpark and zip home as the cold rain started to fall.

I took off in the p.m as the rain stopped and tidied up some trails and railed some tight corners in the trees on the Jones. Can’t beat the feeling of full speed in narrow corridors amongst the swaying trees.

Then I needed to pick up some herbs from the supermarket. I pulled the Brooklyn out and nearly flew over the bars after being used to a freewheel for the better part of the day.

Three reasons to ride, three different bikes and three broad grins.

The day reminded me of a Clutch song, Rising Son, from Slow Hole to China. A video is here, but the lyrics tell the tale.

When we go carelessly careening quickly 

screaming all the way

gravity is such a drag

and we will not obey

Carelessly careening quickly

screaming all the way

Gravity is such a drag

now we will have our way”




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