7 01 2013

An escape yesterday. Wet trails, drizzle, but it didn’t matter. Under the canopy of the trees, tidying up some trail and leaning the bike as far as traction would allow. Hard to resist.

The greens (moss, grass) clearly benefitting from the wet conditions. The smell of wet pine. Slippery bridges upped the ante but new bypasses keep the flow, just.

I received some Conti Rubber Queen’s the other day which are allegedly the fabled Black Chili compound ‘race sport’ versions. I was a little perturbed to find that they weighed the same as the basic versions i already have and had no indication that they were in fact Black Chili. They are marked as made in India – which in itself is no issue, but the consensus is that the Black Chili is all made in Germany.

I contacted the vendor and was assured that Conti has allowed use of Black Chili in Indian made tyres due to production limits at the German plant – basically they are unable to supply demand from the German factory. However, I remain skeptical and other than using the tyres, I have no way to know for sure. Hmm.

Why so much focus? Well, the Black Chili tyres are considerably more expensive and should grip much better on the very wet rocks, roots and mossy wood work that I spend a lot of time on.

I’d welcome any information if anyone has anything to share, though I suspect it will become clearer in time.

Talking of tyres, I was given a digital pressure gauge as a present for christmas. It has been very interesting to use. The gauge on my old Park pump is broken and it would appear that my ‘squeeze the tyre’ method has been somewhat flawed! The Jones was sitting at 13psi front and 20psi rear. Ulp!….in saying that, I haven’t had too many punctures! nevertheless, I upped the pressure to 15psi front just in case…




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10 01 2013
dave macdonald (@davechopoptions)

Can’t see any BC options listed anywhere….

11 01 2013

Jon, you need a PCL professional tyre gauge and a small (or large if you have the space) air compressor like mine. Some care is required though as I nearly knocked all my teeth out when I failed to secure the connector on the compressor and it fly off in rage. Would have ended up looking as ugly as Spencer if it had caught me. May have the opportunity to go to Oregan i the future with work so may have to contact sean for a new bike! All the best to you and yours mon ami. kanak

11 01 2013

Your baby is beautiful. Well, she looks just like you so it goes without saying. kanak

11 01 2013

I can’t believe you don’t have a durometer gauge. Amateur.

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