13 02 2013

A dry day. Some fresh trail: narrow, bench cut, squiggly through some trees and a wee rock that is a pinch point for tyres. BANG! instant flat. Inspection reveals a 1.5cm tear in the sidewall of a 2.4 Mt King II fitted one ride previously….


Oh well, them is the breaks.

That was when I was thankful for my habbit of sticking gorilla tape in patches all over my bike for various reasons. Two sections made a tyre boot  and I was on my way home. But not before trying the line again. Success.

A new one (Black Chili finally) to go on. Narrower, but it may suit the mud. We’ll see.




3 responses

13 02 2013
Stephen Thorns

JOn, I have same front tyre, on Jones, in Chilterns, 1 inch flint slash first ride out and punctures every other ride! Not too impressed. Good luck I hear the new ones are better.

I have a beaver 2.0 on rear, bit better than the 2.2 mtn King I did have, fewer punctures and I prefer the narrower tyre in mud.

I always think it’s worth getting this bit right.

13 02 2013
dave macdonald (@davechopoptions)

BC 2.2 is way better. Compound better, carcass waaaayyyy better.
You’re welcome to my 2.4 non BCs if you like – not going to use it/them (can’t remember how many I’ve got)…

14 02 2013

christ i thought the rear had snapped when loaded the page!
chops i might half inch a 2.4 for rear if any left over

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