Soul riding.

17 02 2013

Sun light dappled the singletrack around Loch Lomond today. I was out on Maul, the aim being Balmaha to Inversnaid. F.B.R.O.T.Y? (first big ride of the year)….well, maybe. There was a time, a few years ago, when I would have polished this ride off before lunch then come back to the table for seconds, maybe even thirds. Now, the 4 and a half hours it took me to go there and back left me empty, clawing around in the back of the car, thankful as I found an old packet of tortilla chips that had been overlooked.

The trail has not been treated kindly by the weather: some of the rocky sections near Inversnaid are tricky due to soil being washed away and the roots are even more exposed than in years gone by. The moss made any steep-drop in a little more of a clenching affair – and the cut-in shelf around a large rock protruding over the water a serious no-no.

It was *such* a good ride. Real soul riding. I have not done any off road riding recently other than local trails, which, though excellent fun, lack some of the feeling of ‘out there’. Loch Lomond is hardly wilderness, but damn! it was good to be amongst the mountains, picked out as they were with snow patches and sunlight.

My camera battery was weak and the light was often not great, but it felt good to ‘capture’ a different view.

Kit notes: I wore a Patagonia capilene 4 top over a capilene base T with a Marmot dry clime vest over the top. I was way too hot. That is a very good thing. Spring is around the corner.




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20 02 2013
While Out Riding

What a gorgeous looking slice of trail…

These days, I am into Lara Bars. $1.30 at Whole Foods, and a surprisingly succinct list of ingredients.

What news of the Krampus?

20 02 2013

First and third pics are scrummy x

20 02 2013

thanks chaps! no krampus yet, cass, think they are still awaited in stock…still trying to work out how to build wheels for it…i’m thinking the rabbit hole/XT hub mix i’m going with would benefit from lacing to one side, both front and rear, but to be sure of my spoke length i want to measure the actual ERD….IME surly tend to list an ERD that accounts for the side-to-side lacing and i tend to use alu nips so want it to be bang on – not least because its a single wall rim…otherwise i think i’ve got everything ready to go on it…looking forward to giving it a try!….i’ve used a 50mm Uma snow 29er rim before with a normal 29er tyre and the spread is nice to have – i can only imagine what a 3″ tyre will be like….

27 02 2013

I like the last bit. Like Balmaha Psycho.

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