2 03 2013

My Gerber hand saw has served me extremely well (despite losing the plastic hinge bolt cover early on) for many years and thousands of pruning sessions. But it has finally decided to shed its teeth and thus needed to be replaced.

A quick internet search and a cheap but well respected alternative – the Bahco Laplander – was in my hands and it has already been put into service. The blade seems slightly flexible, but the cutting performance is excellent. Windfall and over growth will tremble at the ‘click’ of its locking blade.




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2 03 2013
John Ross (@Shaggyjohn)

What do you think of the quality? Tempted by one of these myself. I have some of the Bahco sockets, which are quite nice quality. They are part of the Snap-On group now so I guess you should expect it đŸ™‚

3 03 2013

yeah…i like Bahco adjustable spanners…for the price (£16) its very good…the click of the locking blade seems a bit vague at first but it has settled a bit and it locks open and closed, which is good!…the Gerber locked open, but not closed….i didnt know they were owned by snap on? hmmm! interesting!….

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