Leo Sayer.

10 03 2013

I don’t have any of Leo Sayer’s material in my CD collection. As a result, per Surly’s instructions, I built my Krampus with Red Fang blaring in the background. At least for the most part. There was also some Volbeat, some AC/DC and Eric B and Rakim in there.

I am not particularly proud to say it took 6 hours to build the bike, excluding the wheel build. But if you know me, you know I like to do these things properly, once. Over the years I have collected a pretty good tool kit: despite this, and the knowledge of how to use those tools, I still managed to mess up pressing the headset in to the Krampus. I don’t know why it happened and I hope it hasn’t ovalised the head tube. I pulled the mango Inset 7 from B.A and pressed a black one in as the orange was kind of annoying me. It went in straight, no issues, using the Chris King adaptors for the top and bottom cups. But when I came to press the mango one into the Krampus, well, it didn’t work out the same way. The top part went in squint, but the bottom cup went in fine. I have previously struggled pressing in an Inset 7 when doing one cup at a time, and felt that using both of the King adaptors simultaneously left less wobble room. Will have to dwell on that.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had been unsure how the wheels would build with the spokes I had available. In the end, I did have to dremel the ends of the some of the spokes in the rear wheel. My measuring suggests the actual ERD of the Rabbit Hole rims is 617mm.

The only other issue was having to space the rear XT caliper from the caliper adaptor with washers because with the wheel in the most forward position in the horizontal drop outs, the variable position disc mount did not offer enough clearance for the caliper on the disc.

Anyway, the bike is together and it is a smile factory, even on the 5 minute test ride I took. At present, I have WTB dh 26″ tubes in the wheels to save a little weight over the monster Surly tubes. I suspect they will be prone to thorn punctures, we’ll see. A few photos from the build.

The bike weighs 28 lbs: XT hubs, DT comp spokes, aluminium nipples, Rabbit Hole rims, 120 TPI Knards, Thomson stem and post, King bb and headset, Watson parkarino ti bars, xtr shifter, to Saint rear mech, e thirteen ring and Paul chain keeper, xtr pedals (old style).

I have been looking back at some photos of recent rides and now we have snow back, the sun and blue skies in the images are dream like. More on that soon.




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10 03 2013
pah hoe

That seat tube looks much longer than the 16.7 that it says on the surly site for a medium frame. Looks great and a whole bundle of fun, perfect for the snow falling on glasgow at the moment.

11 03 2013

yep: the seat tube is 16.7″ to the point where the seat tube extension brace joins…then, what, about another inch. it seems odd to me. 400mm seat posts would allow a lot lower top tube….more extension =more flex= more comfort. down side is less front triangle room for bottles and or bags and a different look. it is a giggle to ride!

12 03 2013

nice coffee cup.

14 03 2013

When I rec’d my Pugs at the LBS it had an ovalized head tube from transit damage. The Surly rep was in the shop at the time and offered to get me a new frame or if I wanted to try and fix that one so there was no wait he’d hook me up with a new one later should any problems arise.

4yrs in and she runs great. No headset issues.

That’s the nice thing about riding Soviet era technology. 😉

14 03 2013

BTW – Krampus looks great. The sparkly green powdercoat is the nicest finish I’ve seen on a Surly. I would have preferred a classic MTB frame design without the ST support and more room inside the main triangle like my older generation Pugs, but I am going to stuff a framebag in there. A lot of folks never will and prefer the standover clearance.

I’m sure there will be a more than a few Krampi owners who didn’t look closely enough at the geo chart and buy a frame that’s too big based on the ST measurement alone.

Enjoy the semi-fat ride!

15 03 2013

that is good to know!…i did wonder if perhaps the headtube wasnt just quite perfectly round prior to pressing in the headset….as the top bearing cup rocked in the frame rather than balancing pretty much square…my guess is that as its steel it will conform without too much issue as there seems to be plenty material on the top baring cup…certainly not getting any binding or mischief with spinning the bars….the semi fat ride is good….i think it will be a growing part of the market once folk get to try it….

and gfunk! the cup *is* nice….my favourite in fact :-)~

23 03 2013

Nice set of tools!
Bacon sarnie looks good…

19 05 2013

Cool…. Just ordered the parkerino bars for my krampus. Enjoy the ride, it’s crazy fun.

27 05 2013

enjoy it!

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