18 03 2013

Well, the advice to ‘make hay while the sun shines’ should be followed when at all possible. A few weeks ago there was a glimpse of summer. The bulbous, grey clouds rolled back and the land seemed to drain of the pooled water that had plagued earlier rides. With optimism, I packed up and left for Aviemore to see what trails were free from snow and ice. In recent times, I have played high on the Cairngorm plateau and aimed for long, back country loops. That was not going to be possible this early in the season. However, I wanted some different, bigger scenery and to try out my rusty legs on some of the beautiful singletrack the area has in spades. I took the trails around Loch an Eilein, past Piccadilly and onwards to Glenmore Lodge. From here I climbed up into Glen More and past the Ryvoan bothy in order to head towards and around Loch Garten. From here, I dropped onto the Speyside Way and fought a brisk headwind back to Aviemore.

It wasn’t the longest, or toughest loop, but it was like an intravenous shot of smiles. I can tell that winter’s cold, hard grip is loosening and spring will be here soon.




2 responses

23 03 2013

What a lovely bit of trail…

25 03 2013

it isn’t half bad… ;-)~

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