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13 05 2013

The weather (do I even have to mention it?) has been less than ideal for riding recently. Ho Hum. No bad weather, just bad clothing choices, right? Well, I donned the Endura windtex jacket (all but a vapour barrier, and ideal for inclement weather when you won’t be out *too* long, in *too* harsh weather), 3/4’s, cosy socks and hit the slippery, muddy trails.

I’ve been messing with a Knard 29×3″ on the front of the Jones, courtesy of an old Uma 29, 47mm rim I had built years ago onto a Paul whub. The Krampus front wheel won’t fit my Jones because it is the 135mm fork. It works fine.

Initial impressions: I’m not sure I gain much by going to the Knard on the front, but I prefer it to 26×4″ set ups I have used. The overall diameter being greater than a ‘normal’ 29″er wheel suits the geometry of the Jones better IMO than the slightly sub 29″ diameter 26×4″ wheels. The weight can be felt – I’m used to my Jones being 20lbs on the nose, so I’m adding a couple of pounds easily. It does suck up chatter really well and it floats over wet ground mo’ bettah than the normal 2.4 Mt King II. But, I need more time on it to see if it will be my go-to set up.




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13 05 2013

Great photo

4 07 2013
John Keiffer

Any more thoughts on comparing the 29+ to the 26×4″ tires? I have the fat front setup with a 50mm rim. I sent another $600 on a 72mm wheel, but haven’t been impressed. I think I should have gone with the 29+ and I’m kicking myself…

8 07 2013

i am going to try and get my up to date thoughts about the krampus down after using it for a fair bit now. as part of that i’ll definitely address the 26×4 vs 29×3 conundrum – and you know, i think it is the $64,000 question about the krampus…does it out perform a 26×4…give me a few days…i’ll be back with you!

8 07 2013
John Keiffer

Looking forward to it. And for me it is really the $600 question, since that’s what I would need to spend to switch to the 29+. 😉

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