2 08 2013

I first heard Dean Frenkel‘s amazing voice on the ‘Salt’ documentary film. Recently, he shared a link to another film in which his singing is featured, called ‘Meta’, by Sandro Bocci. It is shot in Iceland, a place I hope to visit soon. Two videos to watch, the first, featuring Moon Bear Mantra is an excerpt from Meta, sit down, and soak it in. Mesmerising. The power of the place! the second is the trailer for Meta.

Meta 3,1/Km² | Extract: Moon Bear Mantra from Sandro Bocci on Vimeo.

Meta-3.1/Km² | Timelapse Teaser from Sandro Bocci on Vimeo.




One response

2 08 2013

Ordered the movie.

That trailer is totally amazing, quite spectacular. Otherworldly doesnt do it justice.

Reminders me of the ‘boards of cananda’ video of ‘reach the dead’ for that ‘what the fuck am i looking at’ moment.

Great shout…

Many thanks


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