The rider and the wolf.

27 11 2013

Usually, I try to keep my blog self generated, if that makes sense, in terms of subject material – there are enough places on the interweb that rehash ‘news’ from other sources.

The following trailer for an upcoming film really grabbed my attention, though. I think because I have always had an interest and respect for the, often wonderful, characters involved in the birth of the mountain bike in the USA. I was lucky enough to receive some old fat tire fliers and memorabilia from Jacquie Phelan way, way back now and it is still fascinating to flick through these old magazines and see how the genesis of the sport (pastime? lifestyle!?) occurred.

I may well come back to this in the future … but meanwhile, go to:-,0

The Rider & The Wolf from Grit & Thistle Film Company on Vimeo.

Making tools.

4 11 2013

Not the most exciting tool, but I find the steerer tube wedge I use in the Jones has a hard time compressing the truss fork to pre-load the headset, particularly when the torque is meant to be just 1.1nm. Those truss tubes may look slender, but only in comparison to the main frame tubes! they actually are pretty beefy and I wanted a better way to set up the headset. So, I made one. The 10mm threaded rod passes through 2 drilled out headset caps (one for below the fork crown, the other for the top of the stem) with one end sporting a nyloc nut and the other a standard nut to allow compression of the truss fork.

Then it is time to hit the trails…