19 01 2014

I saw the above video from Studiocanoe due to seeing a different video by him (Temujin Doran) about the Scott expedition – an effort to retrace and complete Scott’s original, perilous Terra Nova expedition to the south pole.

It is well worth watching – thought provoking, beautiful visuals and music. But I could not help but feel sad after watching it. Sad that as a race, humans squander (for the most part, at least) their skills, efforts, learning and limited time on this beautiful blue/green orb on making more and more of a mess. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we really pulled ourselves together and tried to improve both ourselves and our environment?

The argument seems to revolve around whether global warming, the erosion of biodiversity, famine, war etc are being accelerated by man or we are just bystanders to an entirely natural process. That really is not the point. We should be doing our best, *no matter the situation*. Remember: be excellent to each other.




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19 01 2014

Like. The evidence from multiple diverse disciplines is that we are driving this process with our behaviour.

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