22 02 2014

So, the 29+ from Kris at 44 bikes is coming along nicely. The next few pics are from his flickr account, which I would suggest checking out…my build is going to be super sweet, but there’s plenty more to see there.

Probably time to fill in a few gaps about this bike. It will be a short stay, super fun, tech-able, long-haul-happy, bikepackable beast. The fork is coming from Drew at Engin, with a Paragon tapered steerer, and a bottle cage mount on each leg.

The wheels will be a SON 28 front hub dynamo, 100mm OLD, built into a Rabbit Hole rim (DT comps, alu nips) and the rear is a DT Swiss 350 150mm wide hub, laced again to a Rabbit Hole with comps and alu nips. I like the whole enchilada of the 3″ tyres and the 50mm rims. The rear wheel is over with Kris to allow final checking of clearances – getting a 29+ bike with the rear end this short is far from straightforward – I think this route is the best having ridden extensively on an 83mm bb bike. There is some discussion of this issue over on MTBR, here, with some good points and thoughts from Walt of Waltworks.

Why the SON hub? well, the dynamo will work with the Revolution I very gratefully received from David Dean at Sinewave to test. This tiny, clever unit allows any electronic device that charges with a USB plug to be run from the dynamo. So my iPhone and iPod, my steripen, my niterider and headtorch can all last the distance when going for extended, backcountry rides. Sweet, eh?

The rear spacing on this frame is 150mm, but it will use Paragon sliders. Initially it have 150mmx10mm normal vertical drops, with a direct mount hanger for a shimano rear mech. However, the beauty of the sliders is that they are replaceable. In the future, this bike may well be converted to 157mm thru, either with a shimano QR skewer or a DT rws – ideally, still with the direct mount for the mech. Ti 12 point bolts natch.

Moving on, the bb is an 83mm shell to help keep the stays down to 425mm, and a Zee crank will be plugged in, mounted with a wolftooth drop stop ring.

Old favourites such as the wide Jones loop bars, ESI grips, XT brakes and shifters, selle san marco zoncolan and modified trail XT pedals and either a thomson post and stem or perhaps an Eriksen post, maybe a Syntace stem. King cages to finish it off. Oh, Chris king inset 7 and bb.

This bike has been in my mind since I first got the Krampus. I believe it is the perfect evolution of the 29+ platform. I think it’s going to really thread the needle of super fun trail bike and bikepacking beast of burden. Kris has been great to work with – I really recommend him, as do other considerably more well known clientele.




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22 02 2014

Oh my…

22 02 2014

Looking great, Jon. Kris does some beautiful work, no doubt. I also have serious shed envy! Will be exciting to see this one finished.

23 02 2014

Lumme that sounds good! Gis a go of your bike, Mr.

26 02 2014

Very fine – am curious as to geometry (other than the 16.5″ chain stays you mentioned a post of two ago) – care to share ETT, HT angle, ST angle, BB drop and wheelbase? I followed your like to Velocipede and it took me a couple of evenings to escape! 😉

27 02 2014

HT angle 70.5, trail ~90mm if i remember correctly…im not sure on the top tube – but i know the reach to the bar/stem centre is 545mm.
the bb drop is a lot more than the krampus – *one* of the main reasons i wanted/needed to go custom for this – the height of the bb from the ground with knards is 310mm (my krampus runs about 2cm higher than that)…so overall, lower, shorter back end, should rail!

yeah, VS is great, especially the smoked out threads. you can spend a good deal of time there and learn lots…lots of eye candy too!

27 02 2014

Thank you – I’ve got a frame coming soon that’s a symmetrical mid-fat/29+ combo. The BB drop is similar to a Krampus so that it doesn’t sink too much with the Marge Lite/Husker Dus I’ll use in that guise. Having said that, it runs a 73mm BB shell and 435mm chainstays – so am thinking that it’ll wrap itself round the trails pretty well too in 29+ guise with a limited cassette Hope SS/Trials set-up… It’s got the same HT angle as yours – and will hopefully be ‘the bike’ for most things for as long as I can foresee… (always hopeful). Keep up the ‘in process’ pics 🙂

11 03 2014

Hi there, it’s looking fantastic so far. Just curious, did you consider 135mm for the front? I know SON do a 135mm dynamo and thought the extra strength/symmetry might have been worth it.. Failing that they also do thru-axle in 100mm but perhaps you’d discounted that as unnecessary…
Hope to see some of your sewing efforts grace it when it’s done too!

11 03 2014

Sorry, edit, I read a few more of your recent posts and seen you did consider it- but I don’t think you mentioned the factor that made you choose the 100mm over the 135mm in the end?
Also why not use your Jones? I’d love to see Jones with 29+ in the back… Any thoughts on this, I’m looking to get a steel diamond and ti truss myself but can’t quite help myself dreaming of 29+ in the back…Likewise I find myself imagining a Jones with thru-axles front and rear…

15 03 2014

the Jones would be great, I am sure. At the moment I have not fully decided which bike to take. a lot will depend on conditions on the trail and with the weather leading up to the ride. At the moment, the ground is so wet that a fatter tyre is going to be advantageous in terms of floatation. I also need to check out some of the trail that i have not seen so far. The very rocky sections will also be handled more comfortably by a fatter tyre. My fitness and tough-guy-ness will also be a factor. If i can take a full rigid with smaller 29er tyres, I would lose 6 pounds + in bike weight that would account for a good proportion of my gear. This weight loss might be advantageous if i can take a 6-7 day beating!

the 135mm SON front hub is the only 135mm dynamo available afaik. However, it is a rear axle/rear brake set up whci is my least favourite. This would be a slight limitation as the 135mm fronts i have so far all use the Paul whub (front axle/front brake set up) and the new fat bike coming will also have this hub.

19 03 2014

The rear brake is easily overcome by spacing the rotor 5mm out towards the end of the axle, and there are a few adapters on the market to do this. The different axle diameter is, however, more of an issue and harder to address. I wonder if the axle ends on the SON could be machined down from 10mm to 9mm? That’d take care of both issues. Just a thought for the future.

29 03 2014

I’ve been thinking about this exact design (83/150), as well as the bike that Tom will be building with with the (73.135). I look forward to seeing them both built up. -nicholas

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