27 02 2014

Photo’s are from Kris flickr, again. There are some more there as well.

I built up the front wheel. I was a little trepidatious regarding this build as the flange of the SON 28 front hub is 58mm and it is nearly symmetrical. This means that it is ideally built offset at the rim, side-to-side. The rabbit hole drilling is 7mm offset from center. this means there is not a great deal of triangulation on the spokes. Good, even tension will be critical for longevity.

It went ok though…good tension around 90kgf with 10% variation and <0.1mm lateral and radial. Fine for the rabbit hole rim.

Next step for me is to wire up the Sinewave Revolution to the hub and get all 1.21 giga watts…more soon.

And another thing: what on earth are folk using as a jig for building 190mm or wider rear hubs? answers on a postcard, please.




7 responses

1 03 2014
John Maclean

Looks very nice, looking forward to seeing this all built up. I never did understand why more didn’t go 83/150 for 29ers. I have a tubeset in the shed for a planned build a few years ago which I never quite got round to. I also have a Royce 83mm BB and pro 2 150mm/12mm axle. I really should resurrect that project sometime….
I’m excitedly waiting for a Shand fat frame myself 🙂 Short, fun geo with the ability to take a Bud or 29+. Rohloff. Cannae wait!

Is this to be the Trail550 bike?

15 03 2014

that sounds like a good build! look forward to seeing it as it is built.

as for HT550 – maybe conditions and trail mix will factor once i get up and see some of the bits i dont know yet, and as the weather ‘settles’ i’ll decide…

1 03 2014
dave macdonald (@davechopoptions)

Looks really nice. Chainstay manipulation/tyre clearance is amazing!

Park do wide hub adapter thingummyjigs for Turing stands don’t they?

8 03 2014
dave macdonald (@davechopoptions)

Aye – Park do the TS2EX2 adapters – take up to 200mm hubs. Might need bodged onto anything that’s not a Park TS2 or TS2.2 though…

Any frame updates?

15 03 2014

thanks dude! will have a look at those and see if they cant be shoe horned in some how…

11 03 2014

I am guessing that this frameset is in 3Al/2.5v? Know anyone (small builders) who can weld 6Al/4v? Kanak

15 03 2014

it is indeed, captain!….as for 6/4 – i have no idea if anyone is still able to get hold of tubing in that alloy….you lookin’?

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