15 03 2014

I finally got around to wiring up the Sinewave Revolution to the SON front hub. It was not difficult at all and within a few minutes of the shrink wrap cooling I had power from the rotating wheel to my iPhone.

Interestingly the dynamo seems to click on and off depending on speed. I have no idea if this is an accurate appraisal of what is going on, but as speed of rotation builds you can almost feel a clicking – which I assume is the mechanism that generates the power coming into effect.

So, here are some photos of the process.




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15 03 2014

I’m slightly surprised not to see a full bike packing dynamo light setup from k-lite. As far as I can tell, is the best stuff out there for of road use.

19 03 2014

hey adam: yeah, id looked at dynamo lights, the problem is that if the wheel dont spin, after a few mins, they tend to go out unless there is a back up battery. H.A.B will be a big issue, so im using a USB charged light instead: charge through the day, use at night….

19 03 2014

Kerry’s latest systems are designed with exactly that scenario in mind. Not sure how long they will stay lit for when the wheel stops spinning, but he’s all about the custom kit so, I suspect, anything is possible! He is also optimising his systems to start lighting again at much lower cycling speeds (almost walking speed, as I understand it) for exactly those HAB sections where you’re pushing the bike ahead of you. You might be surprised what he can come up with!

19 03 2014

interesting!…i might have to fire him a mail. thanks!

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