24 05 2014

I’d like to thank everyone for the words and comments that have made me think and, often, smile since my last post. I want to reply to a couple of folk and will do so when I have gathered my thoughts further. My emotions have been mixed over the last 48 hours as the start of the HTR 550 crept closer and then the riders rolled out of Tyndrum this morning. They have been moving since 9am and the field is surprisingly spread out. Four (Steve Heading, Phil Clarke, Andrew Hutcheson and Tom Rowntree) are already around Fort Augustus. Indeed, Steve has no doubt fuelled up and headed up towards Glen Moriston, moving rapidly. I wonder how far he will try to go on the first day? the climb up towards Loch Ma Stack is not far away and I think he could get up there by nightfall. This would be a crushing first day, really throwing down the gauntlet.

There are a couple of riders on the Corrieyairack Pass and then the rest are at varying points behind this. Many, I think, will struggle to be in Fort Augustus in enough time to catch the Co-op or even the take away open and it is Sunday tomorrow, so unless they have a lot of food, they will need to overnight near by and wait for the shop opening.

Interesting! I would have wanted to be through town before it got too late.

Do I wish I was there? A bit, admittedly.

Anyway, follow things at trackleaders, bearbones bikepacking.




One response

24 05 2014

Ha ha! I’m watching the blue dots with the same mix of emotions. Jealousy, envy, (pity will come no doubt for some) and relief.

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