Breaking news.

19 07 2014

Rather unfortunately, after 2 hours of use, the Thomson dropper doesn’t seem to want to return to full height anymore. You have to give it a pull and there seems to be very little pressure in there. I suspect a nitrogen leak (the hydraulic cartridge relies on a nitrogen charged spring in the Thomson: it is not user serviceable). I suspect I probably jinxed myself by vocalising the fact I had waited for a good few years for these devices to demonstrate reasonable longevity. Anyhoo. Back to the shop and we’ll see what happens.

So just to cement my position as a paying beta tester, I got this to mess about with…

The 44 is getting lower gears. I do ok with 32 – 11-36, but there is no doubt that when loaded, with those big and relatively heavy tyres, it can be hard work. So…we’ll see.




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19 07 2014

Breaking news? Funny but not. Hope it gets sorted.

19 07 2014

i’m sure it will…probably just a glitch in the matrix…hows the chronicle? it looks GOOD!

19 07 2014

My Rock Shox post has a very similar problem – I have to take the post out and recharge the air pressure every time i use it; not impressed!

19 07 2014

ugh!….its funny: i had a glimpse of how good these things are, then snatched away, temporarily. i understand why people persist though…

20 07 2014
Douglas Shearer

If you know someone nice at Madison there is some stock of M9000 cassette/shifters/mechs available at the end of August. 11-40 without any bodging.

One-Up is a fantastic polyfill for the brief market period where Shimano don’t offer their own wide-range cassette. Next summer for an XT level one.

End-of the XTR mech with Saint cage era too, looks so good.

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