27 02 2015

Today, I returned to an old haunt. It has been a looong time…longer than I care to remember. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose? Not really.

I had My Vertigo Maul – intention was to do some forest road climbing and try and get some ascending in the legs. I was also curious to check out how a new, tiny, ridiculously light but functional looking carbon seat post clamp would work. So it goes.

After a stout 15 minutes climbing, I turned off the forest road onto an old boggy trail, at the end of which there used to be a wee decent that linked into an old XC race course from back in the day.

Looks like the trail faeries have been busy, because there was a veritable feast of trails linking to this access trail. The rule of the day was steep. As in STEEP. As ever, photos don’t really catch the angles, but lets say I was at my limit. The melting snow and constant dreich recently have played havoc with traction and 2 wheel drifts around steep corners was the norm. I asked a lot of Maul and he delivered in spades, though the thin, rear Maxxis Ikon was not offering a lot of bite in the fresh cut slop.

Fun and a salutary lessen in keeping an open mind about what a ride is going to entail.

And the clamp? worked like a champ.

Gif: click to make bigger…i think!





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