Mangrunt deluxe.

22 03 2015

High pressure, stable weather and a yearning to ride all day long. A twangy lower back muscle after a bit of singlespeed induced hernia-popping climbing action notwithstanding, it was time to grab ‘Maul and run to the hills.

Out through Mugdock, taking in some choice trials that haven’t been dry in months. Pinballing around and loving every second of it.

Then down to business on the West Highland Way: missing the gates, considering my forward progress at Garadbhan.

The back was holding up and the legs were still going round in circles so I could cut north for Aberfoyle, then Callander but I could not think of a fun way back home. So: Mangrunt? Even sans Conic Hill, I had to have a chat with myself and see if I was up for this so early in my spring mileage build-up.

Nothing ventured….

Round the lochs through Queen Elizabeth forest park and then the terrain opens up as you approach the upper portion of Loch Lomond.

Lots of wildlife to be seen.

Some in worse shape than others…

Take the fun trails down the Lochside until Balmaha and ducking in and out of the woods, follow the West Highland way back home.

Seven hours, 75 ish miles. My body reminded me that this building up every year is always a battle, an act of perseverance, but oh, the places you’ll go…




9 responses

25 03 2015

Really enjoying the blog, getting me excited to get back out this summer. Did you whizz past me in Gorebridge this Sunday? The bike looked very familiar.


25 03 2015

Not me! Thanks for the kind words!

26 03 2015

Passed you just after Mugdock castle on Saturday. Was jealous of that grin, it was a beautiful day and I was going back to look after the kids.

How did you avoid the gates on the WHW?

29 03 2015

Took the road!

30 03 2015

Great to hear you’re keeping busy, Jon. Your ‘short’ days are exhausting to read about 🙂

8 04 2015

Looks like a grand day out!

The alive amphibian is a Toad rather than a frog. They tend to be on the move this time of year.

25 04 2015
Graham C

Think we met at the start of this ride, thought you looked familiar> thanks for suggesting I push on to the Drovers, a good night was had . great few days Cheers Graham

27 04 2015

hi graham! glad you had a good ride! i did a similar loop to this after i met you! a good day…cheers.

24 04 2016
Paul Skilbeck

“… My body reminded me that this building up every year is always a battle, an act of perseverance, but oh, the places you’ll go…”
Well put!

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