Incremental increases.

27 04 2015

Building miles, avoiding driving to the trails. It finally feels like spring might be here (though as I type this, it is snowing).

Over Conic Hill after a brief chat with Graham, a bikepacker heading to Fort William. the sun was out and the trail was rolling by.

The trail up Loch Lomond side was as much fun as ever, though I was being clumsy.

My lack of grace was telling as I came near Inversnaid and tried to clear the trail. I nearly ended up in the water!

Fortunately, I stayed dry and made it past the hotel, up the hill and round Loch Arklet, before ducking back into the forest for the push past Aberfoyle and homewards along the West Highland Way.

Although my energy faded relatively fast (despite the supply of Mike and Ikes) I made it round in just shy of 7 hours. 70 miles in the legs and a good day out. With the Capital Trail Loop shortly, I need to push on a bit and get the legs attuned to ~100 mile days though. So, more again soon.


Woods Riding 3.

13 04 2015

A quick edit, filmed with a dying battery earlier today.

Woods Riding 3 from dRj0n on Vimeo.