4 05 2015

Picking up components. I have a fascination with new stuff, it’s true. Admittedly, sometimes my fascination is morbid. Other times it is an appreciation for a finely balanced marriage of form and function.

For me, next comes thinking. Consideration. How will it all work together? No. How will it all work together *best*? When I am 10 hours into the day, in the middle of beautiful no-where, what will make my day more difficult? what will make my day better? (note to self: remember better ≠ easier).

So I read. Dwell. Cogitate. Measure. Measure again. Write. Scheme. Plan. Finally, hopefully, I commit. Then it is time to use tools to make great components come together to make a near-perfect whole.

After that, well, It’s time to ride.

On the bench: xtr 9000 & 785, go and stop, with some Race Face next SL. Syntace and Selle San Marco for perches, with Jeff Jones on the Loop. DT Swiss 197mm mixed with HED Big Deals. Lets see how this all goes together…




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5 05 2015

Hi Jon, just wondering how you’re getting on with the nextie rims / wheels you posted about in Feb? I’m in the process of planning a custom 29+ frame based around the characteristics of the Stooge but with rear 29+ capabilities. When out with Bryan Dawson last week he mentioned you’d used the nextie rims and suggested you might have a few things to say about them. Also looking for some of your thoughts on current 29+ geo / frame fettling so would welcome some well thought through considerations before I make any rash decisions. Thanks in anticipation….Ross

11 05 2015

hi rosscopeco: they have been troublefree, light and have an excellent tubeless interface. 2 of the holes drilled in the rims for nipples were very slightly off, forcing the nipple to take a fairly extreme angle into the nipple. this is probably not great for those individual nipples/spokes longevity but i doubt its an issue for the wheel as a whole. you dont get somethign for nothing of course, and these rims are very reasonable indeed for CF rims. i guess some of the QC suffers due to this. i would happily buy them again – though i think the derby rims are better – if a bit more sepndy (see justridingalong). their new ones will be directionally drilled and available in a wider version – and although they are more if you can stretch to them i think they would be great. the directional drilling and the QC is the key thing. as for geo, go for either a frame builder who can translate what you want or aiim to have somethign made very similar to what you like already. the 29+ doesnt change the geo i would like just by their being bigger. it does of course make getting what i want more difficult!….squeezing stays round 775mm ish of diamter and 75mm of width is not easy!….in fact if you like short stays, and your builder is at all unsure of building round the bigger wheels id look at 650b+ on the rear and 29+ on the front. the rear would then go to 29 easily and the combo is very close to the effectiveness of a 29+ f+r, not quite but id rather have that and short stays than 29+ and an overly long/weird weight balance bike. thats me though! if longer rear ends arent an issue, have at it!

17 05 2015
Phil Pryor

I was going to ask the same thing Jon about the Nextie, they are with my wheelbuilder at the moment and both wheels have relatively poorly drilled spoke holes causing the extreme angle. It seems not just mine. Hopefully they will be ok. I didn’t know Ray at Derby was doing a wider rim directionally driilled. I have Derby rims on my AM full susser and they are excellent. Definitely a big quality step above the Nextie but I don’t worry about the rim longevity looking at them, I just hope they don’t break too many spokes. If I like the combo and Derby come out with some I think I might try them.

19 05 2015

Hi phil. Yep, jon at justridingalong mentioned the derby rims. Sounds like they will be ace. Obviously price wise they are creeping into middle territory – nextie and LB still are very good deals: I kind of feel the drilling on mine is acceptable given price, but no doubt directional drilling would be a lot better to build/longevity. Cheers!

6 12 2015
Dan Sirota

Hi Jon,
I was wondering if you noticed when HED added this “disclaimer” to their website under Tech Notes..

Had a buddy crack his second rim on fairly smooth trail with some roots and zero rocks.


“1. For all types of bicycle wheels, a hard strike on the rim is likely to result in rim damage. At the point of impact, an aluminum rim will dent, and a carbon rim may delaminate. With any such damage to a Hed wheel, our lifetime crash replacement policy enables the original owner to repair or replace the wheel at substantial savings.

2. Specific to our Big Deal and BFD carbon rims: If you choose to ride these rims on regular dirt trails (e.g. NOT in soft snow or sand), wider tires and higher air pressure will decrease the chance of rim damage from striking an obstacle. We strongly recommend an honest assessment of your ride style. Use 10 psi minimum on 4″ tires, or 8 psi minimum on 5″ tires.”

6 12 2015

that’s interesting – thanks dan!
i’ve heard nothing more from HED, so I am assuming that due to making my feelings public I am not going to enter into any sort of debate with HED about even a crash replacement. ho hum.

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