À la dure.

17 06 2015

It is always à la dure getting through the Cairngorm, but it is never anything but entertaining. At this point in my life, I suspect there are few passes, other than the feared Lairig Ghru, that I haven’t variously dragged, carried and even pedaled a bike through.

After a very peaceful bivi in Rothiemurchas, where I was joined over morning coffee by a curious robin, I broke camp, cinched the bags down and headed off into the hills, mindful of the low temperatures and high wind.

This time, the aim was to head south down Feshie, turn westwards at Sron Direachain and climb Slochd Mor to the end of the track on Meall an Uilt Chreagaich, drop into a sharp, wee dip before climbing to Leathad an Taobhain.

From here, I planned to freestyle south west to joing the Minigaig pass, south of the horror show, lower down, at the Allt Coire Bhran.

It worked perfectly, allowing me to pass into Glen Bruar, where the hydro work has led to an improved track south of Bruar Lodge. From here, the plan was the Gaick back to Aviemore and closure of the loop.

Of course my real aim is to try and connect the dots north and south of the main Cairngorm plateau for a ride that does not involve a huge amount of sphagnum moss bog, rockfu*k or otherwise crazy terrain. I’m getting there, but no doubt the journey is still evolving.

As always, click to make the pics big. Apologies for the squint horizons, it was quite blowy. Yes, I have a gpx track if anyone is interested. I don’t know how far it was, I reckon about 65 miles maybe? All good.

Next up, Capital Trail Race.