31 08 2015

Today, despite having a bit of a bug which has been lowering the energy levels, the dry weather encouraged me out on a bit of a recce. I have never ridden much in the Kilpatrick Hills, but after ascending to the Whangie, I decided that – as I was on the fatty – I *would* take the vague, boggy trail south and around the reservoir I could see in the distance. After circumnavigating this body of water, on a newly built/stone surfaced trail I might add, I decided to cut over towards the mighty River Clyde and see if I could join the ‘classic’ Kilpatrick route covered in guides over the years. Well, suffice to say that after climbing to a dead end on a forest road, the ‘trail’ (really more of an impression of a track) led to a heck of a lot of sphagnum moss bog to cover.

The fatty was rideable on this tenuous surface, exactly how I had hoped it would be. The trail deteriorated even more, until I made it to Loch Humphry from the west. Ascending, northwards, the energy drained from my legs and I was feeling pretty tired as I passed Jaw Reservoir. From here, I descended to the woods near Cochno, before wending my way home, spent but happy.

Today was a salutary lesson in the capabilities of a fat tyre bike. I was able to cover ground that would have been impassable on a normal mtb and although I would stop short of saying it was enjoyable to do so, the fact I could ride over sphagnum moss and waterlogged ground with relative ease opens up some possibilities.

AHoy there…

13 08 2015

So, the other day I was in the Cairngorm, aiming to do a medium sized ride. My intention was to start by taking the access road past the Sugar bowl car park. About 9.30am, just as I was about to get to the end of the carpark to take the last section of road up to the ski centre, I interrupted a photographer. He was taking photos of a road rider, repeatedly taking the corner at the end of the car park. Interesting, thought I. “That looks comfy” said the man with the camera, referring to my Vertigo cycles fatbike; “it is” I replied.

As I took the corner, the road rider was waiting on the far side for a car to pass before taking another crack at getting the perfect shot. I couldn’t help but notice how well built he was. As in, in his black lycra, he was built like you imagine a super hero might be.

Interesting – not the usual skinny, avian-looking road bike model.

“Nice bike!” said the roadie, scanning the curves and fat tyres, “it is! said I.

Suddenly, it clicked: the rider was Chris Hoy, multi olympian and cycling ambassador. “Mr Hoy, how are you?” – “fine!” says he and takes off as the photographer called that the coast was clear.


1 08 2015