31 08 2015

Today, despite having a bit of a bug which has been lowering the energy levels, the dry weather encouraged me out on a bit of a recce. I have never ridden much in the Kilpatrick Hills, but after ascending to the Whangie, I decided that – as I was on the fatty – I *would* take the vague, boggy trail south and around the reservoir I could see in the distance. After circumnavigating this body of water, on a newly built/stone surfaced trail I might add, I decided to cut over towards the mighty River Clyde and see if I could join the ‘classic’ Kilpatrick route covered in guides over the years. Well, suffice to say that after climbing to a dead end on a forest road, the ‘trail’ (really more of an impression of a track) led to a heck of a lot of sphagnum moss bog to cover.

The fatty was rideable on this tenuous surface, exactly how I had hoped it would be. The trail deteriorated even more, until I made it to Loch Humphry from the west. Ascending, northwards, the energy drained from my legs and I was feeling pretty tired as I passed Jaw Reservoir. From here, I descended to the woods near Cochno, before wending my way home, spent but happy.

Today was a salutary lesson in the capabilities of a fat tyre bike. I was able to cover ground that would have been impassable on a normal mtb and although I would stop short of saying it was enjoyable to do so, the fact I could ride over sphagnum moss and waterlogged ground with relative ease opens up some possibilities.




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31 08 2015

First found this when doing trans-Wales trail – bog and wet grass are unrecognised fat bike surfaces (probably as they’re not as romantic as snow and sand)

1 09 2015

I was up there after a long dry spell a few years ago. Looks like you covered more ground than me though. The woods NE of Cochno loch looked like they might have some trails going through them but I needed to get home.

I read a thread on STW that there are plans to develop the trails up there (multi-use). Hopefully that new path you found is the start.


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