Jones carbon loop bars: a review.

16 11 2015

It is probably clear that I like loop bars, indeed, I have been using Jeff’s h-bars almost exclusively for a decade.

I have used ti loops, ti h-bars and aluminium loop bars (in the wider 710mm form) previously. They are all fantastic, if the 45 degree sweep is right for you, offering multiple hand positions, most notably fore and aft on the long grip section, meaning weight shifts on the bike can be achieved with ease. This can aid riding steep drops, steep climbs and if you are riding for a long time, by altering the position at the wrist, relieving soft tissue strain.

The bars also offer superb stowage space if using a bar roll. Here, a Revelate Designs sweet roll is locked down and absolutely solid over rough terrain.

The carbon loop bar is the newest model. It saves a chunk of weight – and this is welcome – but the main benefit is the comfort.

The bar soaks up a fair bit more buzz than the ti bars and a lot more than the aluminium bars. I would estimate it is worth 6-8 psi on an average 2.3 29er tyre. Perhaps more.

This comes into play on long rough rides in particular but can be felt at all times. It is markedly more comfortable.

Despite the light weight, I have bounced one off rocks at speed, leading to minor scuffs but no huge damage. I would say the edges are perhaps worth protecting with a substantial grip end plug – I am prone to catching them on trees and rocks.

If you can stretch to them, I would throughly recommend them. They are available in the UK from Biff at The Outcast.