10 12 2015

When I go for a short ride, I endeavour to take as little stuff with me as possible. The rucksack full of spare clothes, food and multiple tools is nothing short of an anchor – physically and psychologically. The urge to bring this or that, just in case, must be resisted.

There are, however, a few essentials. Tube, pump and a mini-tool. Water? not always. Clothes? waterproof layer? only if the forecast requires it. Food? if I will be out for 4 hours or more.

As for mini-tools, you need to bring one that works. Crappy bits that round off, only a 2.5mm hex key when you *need* a 2mm, too big a body so you cannot access that hard to reach bolt head. All these things are learned the hard way, or if you are smart, by trying them out first.


For several years now, I have been using Genuine Innovations mini-tools. They have *just* enough on them, although the early version needed augmenting with an 8mm adaptor (the new ones have a clever 8mm ‘sleeve’ that fits over the 5mm hex bit).

I often added a Park tyre lever or two, sometimes a chain tool (the folding Park one works well) and stowed it in the back of my jersey.

Lately, as I have been sewing more bags, I have made small pouches that contain the right tool so that I can ‘grab and go’.


PB Swiss are a company that produce some fine tools. I use their bits, short and long, with my torque wrenches and their multi-coloured hex keys are not just a gimmick – the coloured shafts make it easy to grab the correct size when needed.


So when they released a bike mini-tool, I was intrigued. It consists of 25mm bits of the following type: Slotted screwdriver, 5.5mm; Phillips: PH2; Torx®: T25; Hex: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 6mm. There is a precision bit holder (female 5mm hexagon to female C6 1/4),  which is magnetic. The 5mm hex key acts as the driver and there are 2 tyre levers on the front an back of the plastic body. It weighs 100g or so.

All you need, nothing you don’t, once a chain tool or some spare quick-links are added. Nice.






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