Bontrager Chupacabra.

14 12 2015

Mounting a new tubeless tyre on a wheel that has a well sealed tyre already in place is an exercise in overcoming inertia. How much better will the tread *really* be? Will it seal again? How much of a pain is it going to be to remove the old sealant and, maybe, tape? Will you need a compressor?

I finally got over the hump and removed the Maxxis Chronicle from my Nextie Junglefox front rim and got to work removing the old Gorilla tape and recalcitrant adhesive. For this I use isopropyl alcohol and a Good Grips ‘deep clean’ brush set. This brush is stiff enough to remove the old adhesive and the hard rubbery ‘poker’ can be useful at lifting really obstinate sticky stuff.

Next, I apply a new layer of 3M 764 vinyl tape. I spent a bit of time recently researching tape characteristics and this stuff is stretchy, sticky and it comes off cleanly should this be required. It is also damn near airtight itself. I get it from Viking Tapes and although the order minimum is 6 rolls, you soon start to use it up.

Previously I used Gorilla tape, as mentioned, which has two drawbacks. Well, three. It doesn’t come off easily – leaving a lot of residue. It also seems to become boggy with sealant in time, and is quite porous, so I tend to need to keep topping up my sealant. Okay then, four drawbacks: it is also h e a v y. The difference between these 2 tapes (one layer) is ~40g. Admittedly, the Gorilla tape weighs only ~60g, but functionally the 3M is better *and* lighter, so it is a win-win.

Talking of weight, the Chupacabra is 860g or so and the Chronicle was just over 1000g (for the non-exo version, in this case). So all in all I lose 200g from the front wheel.

A blast with the Airshot and BAM! up it went.

It has been far from ideal conditions to ride recently and I am only slowly feelign my way back to any sort of regularity on the bike, but I am looking forward to seeing how the 2 compare. Volume wise, there is very little in it.




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15 12 2015
Steve Thorns

Jon, I’ll be interested to know how you get on with the tyre choice. The tape recommendation is appreciated, though comes three weeks too late, as I’ve just used Gorilla tape on my clown shoe rims with Surly ICT so we’ll see if it lasts. A tip that worked well for me when setting up tubeless was to hold the tyre tight to the rims with a bungee or ratchet strap around the circumference, then spray with fairy liquid, then use either the airshot or a 25g CO2. I Still bought the tape for possible use on the rabbit hole for front of Jones…

15 12 2015

steve, thanks.
the only thing i would add (that i think i mentioned in the original post) is that i have not tested this tape with ammonia based sealants – just conti revo – must admit, i’ve never had any issues that have made me want to swap away from it! i dont like ammonia and aluminium together if i dont need to mix them !

4 02 2016

Interesting that the 3M tape is suggested for 16-29°C – not very Scottish… Or is that just for putting it on in the first place. Did you heat the room up? 🙂

4 02 2016

yeah! i was concerned the cold would lead to it coming unstuck – no props so far, i guess the air pressure might help, and its not been that cold….and yes, it was applied in a heated room. getting soft, i am!

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