31 12 2015

So, the Bontrager Hodag. B plus plus? 27.5×3.8″ or about 93mm wide on a 50mm rim it seems. Diameter around 750mm or so (I *think* these are Walt Works measurements, but cannot be 100% certain, as I committed the numbers to memory, then promptly forgot the source).

I received the tyre the other day and decided that I would use a Nextie rim to build up the wheel: in this case a ‘new’ Jungle Fox II. I used a Jungle Fox previously, but the new one is 2mm wider at 52mm wide external, 45mm internal. This suggests a couple of extra layers of carbon sheet, as the bead edge is thicker. Probably a good thing, but they are still light for such a big rim. My previous experience with Nextie was slightly marred by the nipple drilling being off in several cases. Not enough to make the wheel impossible to build, but the longevity will definitely be affected. In saying that, the rims have seemed durable in use over the last 10 months – see my previous post for the first build with Nextie rims. Also, there are rumours they are using a different manufacturer and the drilling has been much more consistent recently.

Nevertheless, due to my prior experience, I am going to use a DT Squorx pro head nipple, that has a spherical interface with the rim hole edge, hopefully allowing a better alignment with the hub if any of the drilling is off. In addition, the Squorx head will allow for a safety net to let me tension the spokes if needed (poor drilling angle adds significant resistance to tightening the nipples during the build).

I am using Sapim D light spokes, 2 cross in this case. The hub is a Paul wHub, which is symmetrical with relatively high flanges and wide spacing; there is just no need for 3 cross here.

I used Freespoke for the lengths after measuring the ERD (as slightly larger than the 533 quoted on the website, which I suspect is the actual rim inner surface diameter). Freespoke has proven very accurate over the years: highly recommended.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 15.21.21

More as the rest of the wheel parts arrive.




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