Nextie Junglefox II build.

18 01 2016

As I mentioned previously, I am building a new wheel to facilitate the use of the Bontrager Hodag 27.5×3.8″ tyre. I chose a Nextie Junglefox II rim and decided to use DT Swiss Squorx nipples, Sapim D light spokes and lace it all to a Paul wHub. My reasoning for spoke & nipple choice was detailed in the linked post.

The build was uneventfully smooth. Notably, the nipple drilling now appears to be directional, offset 2.5mm and the Squorx nipples were excellent to use. The torx driver tool allowed me to very quickly bring the spokes up to a tension that was useful to start bringing the lateral and radial true in. I decided to go for just under 100kgf on this build. I don’t ever seem to have any issue when using this tension on the big cross section carbon rims. The balance was reasonable rather than very good: I had a couple of spokes that, seemingly inexplicably, ended up with either ~15 more or less kgf. Still much to learn, young padawan. The wheel is 2 cross – which I find works well for stiffness with the wide 82mm flange spacing of the Paul wHub.

Here are some pics.

Next step is to add the tape, a 46mm wtb aluminium presta valve and get that tyre dirty.




2 responses

18 01 2016

Hi, very interesting wheel build… thinking the 27.5-Hodag front will be a good allrounder. Jon…..what would you recommend as a rear tyre/rim combo on a Jones Ti Diamond – the “older” 2006 Merlin Metalworks fabricated frame [ i previously tried a 29×2.4 Ardent & it was a tad too close to the chain stays, on a 35mm rim..] – Cheers Chris

18 01 2016

chris: i think if you are running a hodag front, you are going to want some volume in the back. basically you dont want your front wheel to pick a fight your rear would get dragged into and deflate on you. my jones is merlin rear also and i’m using a trailblazer. its not the most aggressive tread, but it is better than it might seem to look. i’m dwelling on taking some side cutters to one and reduce the centre, circumferential tread a little. not sure if its worth the effort.
if i was going 29, i would go with a robust tyre that i could run on a wide rim at low pressure…perhaps something like a maxxis ardent race in full shebang exo/3c spec. that way the sidewall is solid as is the tubeless interface and its not a massive tyre, so on a 35mm rim its going to be sweet at lowish pressures…HTH!

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