23 01 2016

Hodag action! from dRj0n on Vimeo.




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30 01 2016
Maya C.

Hello Dr Jon’s Wanderings, can we send you our product to try and test?


Good day!

It is with great excitement that we stumbled upon your website and couldn’t help but noticed the fantastic articles that you have written and/or posted. There’s no doubt in our mind that you have several subscribers who are looking forward for your next post.

Please allow us to take this opportunity to introduce you our product – RoadAir Bike Pump.

I’m Maya, Manager of Marketing, of the Polar Group Enterprises. We are a sport equipment company focusing on the “Cycling” audience. We choose you for review our RoadAir mini bike pump so you can try and hopefully share your experience through a review post in your blog/website.

Please take a peek on our product in Amazon:

You can also visit our official website at

Lastly, your review will be posted on our fan page to share your honest & sincere testimony about the bike pump.

We look forward to receive the opportunity to partner with you in this endeavor. To grant you a glimpse of this. You can furnish us with your contact details.

Maya C.
RoadAir Team

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