8 02 2016

I am at my limit. Again. Another year and I still cannot get my head around the seemingly endless crappy weather-and-hence-trail-conditions we have on the west coast of Scotland. True enough, plenty of other folk on this fair (ish) isle have had a rougher time. The north of England, I’m talking about you.

But February is proving to be a looooong month as the rain just refuses to subside for more than a few hours. The Met Office, whose pic I have used above, reported December’s rainfall as being, well, a hell of a lot. I quote: ‘For Scotland, this is already the wettest ever calendar month in our series since 1910, with 333 mm in the first 29 days easily beating the previous record of 301 mm which was set as recently as December 2013.’ and with regards to January, for ‘Scotland it was the second wettest calendar month in the series, with December 2015 having been the wettest.’


The incredibly mild weather means none of the moisture is being locked down and as a result the trails are turning to slop. Every time it rains, the water just sits on the saturated ground. The trails become streams with the wear and tear only rushing water can create.

Anyway. We try. We go and surf around in the puddles and muck. Claw globs of soaking, gritty mud from clothes and skin afterwards and slip into idle dreams of a kind spring, a gentle spring as reward for putting up with this crap.

I have some miles to get back. My body is finally responding as it ought to and I don’t want to spend the next 6 weeks blistering my hands raw on the ergo. Please.





2 responses

8 02 2016
John D

Just in case that brown bit starts to look enticing, I should warn you that we’ve had some pretty forceful breezes to make up for the lower rainfall. Today, however, has been just like Spring – a delightful day to be on a bicycle.

17 02 2016

Ah, so I wasn’t imagining it. The most miserable December in history.
Need better waterproofing… 🙂

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