Tyre Armageddon.

24 04 2016

At the end of the world, I wonder if the new Maxxis Minion 29+ will stand alone on the field of battle?

This picture, lifted from Vitalmtb, will serve as evidence to back my conjecture.


On the right, as you look at it, is a 27.5×2.4 Minion. Not a small tyre, by any normal standards. The other tyre is a 29×3 Minion.

Now *thats* what I’m talking about.




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24 04 2016

I would love this in 29. Been running the Knard and the Dirt Wizard and have not bothered with anything else. But a grippy Maxxis tire would have me opening my wallet when the Wizards are worn out.

3 05 2016

Hi Jon…these looks very promising. I’m doing some of my own real world comparisons for various tyres / wheel sizes. 29×3.25 Dozers on a 50mm rim come out at 773mm compared to 760mm for 26×4.8 buds on a 65mm rim. I’m thinking some of the ‘larger’ 650B+ tyres may sit between these figures therefore potentially delivering the best of both ‘plus/fat’ profiles. I think I’m right in saying you’re running some 650B’s on 3.8 Hodag tyres? If so, do you know the overall diameter for this wheel/tyre combo? Cheers Ross

5 05 2016

my hodag on a 45mm internal rim is iirc 745mm diameter. (id have to go back and remeasure – it *might*have stretched a ;little in time.. )
i believe it might get a little wider, but not taller on a wider rim. i suspect the barbegazi 27.5×4.5 will be more akin to the 770mm or so you are looking for. they are in stock in the usa – suggeest calling lacemine29.com or are due at Triton somewhat soon…
the hodag is a fantastic tyre IMO, great grip in slop and rides lighter *on the front* than the weight would suggest…

5 05 2016
Jeff Bartlett

Hey mate,

I have a son28 on my 29+ wheels and I have a few questions for you, because you seemed to make it work a while back?

Did you have any issues? It wasn’t until after I had them installed that I discovered they are actually a touch bigger than the recommended diameter from SON…. Did yours work flawlessly? I have “the plug” USB and seem to be having a challenging time getting it to work fluidly.

5 05 2016

thats disappointing! in what way is it not working? i knew they were a little bigger and anticiptaed the charging kicking in at a slightly higher speed than for smaller wheels. i use a http://www.sinewavecycles.com/products/sinewave-revolution but the hub is the same – it works beautifully. i dont know exactly aty what speed it kicks in, but i never feel like i am struggling to get it to charge?

16 05 2016

I was wondering if you’d comment or post on your latest thoughts on internal rim widths and tyres for Scottish riding in both 650B+ and 29+ formats. I see MikeSee is very content with 35mm internal widths but like a lot of mountain biking bias – it’s very hard to separate American conditions out of praise for specific things especially if you’ve never ridden in Arizona, California or New Mexico… For Scottish 29+ and 29×2.4 use would you be content with only 35mm for day long excursions and bikepacking jaunts? Likewise for 650B+? Would 35, 40 or 45mm internal generally be preferable here?
And is the drop down to a 2.4 650b, if this is less tempting than the same drop in 29er format it makes a wider 650B rim much more a priority than achieving a compromise in the 29+ rim with 35mm or 40mm so as to also accommodate a 2.4 tyre.
Moving to Scotland soon and wishing to switch from a 29er with Flows to one 650B+ rigid and one 29+ rigid I’m now unsure of what rim widths to plump for. Easton arcs come in 35, 40 and 45mm internals…
I ask as your combination of wheel sizes and bike stable are very much what I admire.

16 05 2016

morning! it is a good question! i think for a full 3″/75mm wide tyre a ~50mm external/ 45mm internal is great, but not necessary. the narrower rims (from 35mm external/30mm internal and wider) i have used have a very similar feel with the tyres I have used. with the current crop of 2.8 650b tyres i wonder if 45mm external/40mm internal might be the sweet spot. i have a carbon rim bias – mainly to reduce weight and this allows me to choose width with less penalty, for aluminium, i think the DT swiss XM 551 rim is pretty spot on. i wonder if the wider rims promote more rim strikes – if the wheel is leaned over and the tyre compresses against a rock, there seems like less distance from rim edge to ground to me and the plus tyres tend to compress in a more linear fashion than a thinner tyre. in saying that i have not had any rm failures on plus bikes yet…as for plus use in scotland – until it is very wet and sloppy i think it is great. the more natural trails here have a lot of ‘buzz’ from rocks and rough ground that (at least on rigid bikes) is removed by the lower pressure tyres. in sloppier conditions a narrower tyre cuts through more easily. the plus and fatties can sometimes shear on the surface when it is very sloppy, so sometimes i prefer 29ers – but with slightly knobbier 650b+ and 29+ tyres imminent this may be less of an issue soon! hope that helps!

10 07 2016
Entropy. | drj0nswanderings

[…] take advantage of the slightly longer front centre and increased offset. Until the new crop of more aggressive 29+ tyres become available, I may put it in the shorter offset position and see how that […]

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