Rippin’ around the woods.

30 05 2016

All this sunshine over the last 2 weeks has meant dry trails. Dry trails make me smile.

Sometimes it is your local trails that give you the widest grin.

I have been really liking the Hodag on the front of the Jones. It can take all I can give, excellent grip, whilst being tolerant of low pressure with minimal squirm. 1200g is a lot in some ways, but the advantages mean this is staying on the front wheel: it suits the Jones personality well, just ripping around in the woods, pushing through the rooty corners as fast as I dare.

Another bit of relative newness is the cut 710mm carbon Jones loop bar. The cut is *slightly* more flexible than the full loop version, offering superb ‘buzz’ reduction on a rigid bike. Recommendo.




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7 06 2016

Hey John,
Good to have a brief chat yesterday.
See you’re still riding the Jones..
Toying with the idea of a steel frame and ti truss – 29+ front and 650b+ rear – thoughts ??

8 06 2016

bryan, i am indeed! steel frame ti truss would be a really nice combo. the truss is lighter and more fore-aft rigid than the unicrown (simply lighter than the steel truss). The only reservation i would have is the 765mm or so diameter front wheel with the 726mm rear means the front end rises relative to the rear by enough to kick the angles back noticeably and affect saddle set back over bb as well. to me, this was great for messing about in the woods, but was probably moving it away from ‘xc ideal’ and by xc i don’t mean racing, just general xc riding. however, 29+ front/29 rear or 29 front or indeed hodag front and b+ rear is fantastic. the geo doesnt suffer this smaller front end rise, indeed i at least prefer it to 29 f+r.
a last note on the truss: the top clamp is around 20mm or so high. this *might* be worth thinking about if you like your bars low but do want to use the 29+ front/b+ rear as again, relatively, the bars end up higher. HTH! its a superb bike in any format though – different to the norm but for good reason and once you adapt to it, it is a keeper for most.

9 06 2016

Thx John !! Does help clarify things out. Just spoke to the good folks @ Keep Pedalling but it seems the rear will only take 650 x 2.8 which i think is a bit limiting with current available tyre choices. Jones definitely on the radar at some point – might think about the + instead….

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