Base building.

8 06 2016

The time I might spend driving to a new or more interesting destination is sometimes better spent rolling miles from the door.

So it was as I headed out along the West Highland Way, yet again, on another sunny day.

The walkers were starting to gather to amble the long, meandering route to Fort William and it led to some polite hellos before I turned at Garadbhan to take the sealed (ish) road towards Aberfoyle and then through Queen Elizabeth forest, but instead of the usual ‘mangrunt‘ extension to Inversnaid, I climbed, skirting rainclouds and goats at Comer, around the back of Ben Lomond.

The view to the Arrochar Alps and the Cobbler was amazing – too much for my meagre camera skills and the decent down to Loch Lomond side was as steep as I remembered.

It is always a pleasure to ride the techy trail on the edge of this bonny loch and so it was that day.

Returning via the cycle path from Milton of Buchanan to Drymen then rejoining the WHW to head for home. I worked out the mileage and knew the time accrued, but I have forgotten. Money in the bank/miles in the legs and yet another dry-trail ride.

Next up, a bikepacking trip of a relaxed nature, using a new, superlight bivi.

I also have a load of bits and bobs to do – including an inspection of a 9point8 Fall Line dropper post, which is to be used on a new bike build soon, some wheel building action involving beeswax and a 27.5+ Chronicle and 27.5+ Ikon. More soon.




5 responses

8 06 2016
Derek Clark

I am intrigued by “using a new, superlight bivi.” Looking forward to that :0)

9 06 2016
Roger Ward

I was worrying that you hadn’t had a new bike for a while… all is right with the world now. Looking forward to the build. I have an unfounded worry about those cut carbon bars. Something about the joined up loop feels more secure but might give them a go on the old Jones.

19 06 2016
Cory brenn

In doing some research on the Gravel road that goes from the private cottage to the aberfoyle, I came across this post. I’m assuming the steep decent you speak of is down the road to the private cottage? If so, can you access this road from the west highland way without hopping the gate?

19 06 2016

You can now, there is a gate at the cottage end to allow access, with a roughly cut and cleared trail to the immediate north of the cottage.

19 06 2016

In saying that it is very tight for bikes!

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