The wheel deal.

22 06 2016

Well, I thought I’d share this set of images.

This is the Bontrager Barbegazi, at 20psi, on a Nextie 65mm external rim – 27.5×4.5 (770mm diameter and 115mm casing width, a few more knob to knob).

That’s big.

Compare to a fairly normal 29×2.2 MTN King.

Now, it is next to a Bontrager Chupacabra 29×3 (765mm diameter iirc).

Perhaps most interesting…next to a 26×4.5 Flowbeist (somethign like 745mm diameter – I think! might be 750mm)

As predicted, the Vertigo cycles fatty is a hoot with a 29+ front/27.5+ rear. I actually think it might be bad for my health. Just today alone, I crashed 3 times. Not because I lost traction, more because I was tackling obstacles at a greater speed than I am used to. As a result, I was landing closer to stumps, trees and other immovable objects than I am used to. Sometimes, too close! Interesting.

My curiosity will get the better of me though – I will pull the rear Chronicle in order to mount a Hodag so the bike will be more balanced when I put that Barbegazi on the front.

Oddly, the tape I use (3M 764) failed the first time I mounted the Barbegazi. The tape is 50mm wide so I did one wrap and then dry mounted the tyre, as I usually do, before addign sealant. In this case, the bead seemed to grab the tape on both sides and drag it apart, tearing it down the middle. I re-did it with a little sealant to lube the bead’s passage up the rim into the bead socket and it was golden. Live and learn.




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23 06 2016

a bit of beeswax on tyre edge when dry mounting works a treat as well

23 06 2016

nice! i’ll try that. anotehr reason to save the bees!

24 06 2016

Nice…one wee query Jon…you quote 665mm for the Bontrager Chupacabra 29×3…should that not be 765mm?

A 770mm diameter is very interesting. My 29+ LB with a 3.25 Bulldozer comes in at 773mm.

Will be following your thoughts with interest on how the 27.5+ & fat compare to 29+ & 26 fat. The Bontrager Barbegazi is 10mm taller than a 26×4.8 Bud on a 65mm rim…presumably your set up will be considerably lighter and nimbler?

24 06 2016

Argh! Typo! Thanks Ross- will defo report back

15 01 2017
HED rim repair. | drj0nswanderings

[…] have continued to ride the wheel, occasionally, but I also built up new wheels for the frame.  This allowed me to experiment with different wheel and tyre combinations and also […]

8 02 2017
ian t.

Interested to know your thoughts on using a Barbegazi 27.5×4.5 two nextie rims , either a) Black Eagle-II (65mm) or a newer b) Wild Dragon-II 85mm. The Black Eagle is lighter/cheaper & I think the one you’ve used but I’m wondering if your have any thoughts on option b) ???
Many thanks for your interesting blog posts …..

9 02 2017

for full on snow/sand id guess the 85mm though ive only used it on 65mm and that was still big and floaty – so if weight is a big deal it will still work. if you might choose between a 3.8 (3.5 in reality) type tyre as well, then 65mm. and thanks for the kind words!

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