As the seasons ebb and flow.

24 09 2016

It is Autumn now. The daylight is retreating and the ground is becoming waterlogged and thick with fallen leaves.

I wanted to head towards the coast, for some reason. Lacking imagination for more interesting challenges, I took the Vertigo fatty, temporarily shod with plus wheels, to the Ardgarten loop.

It is not a particularly challenging loop, though the initial climb. westwards, followed by the climb up Glen Croe will keep your legs honest.

The trail over the Duke’s Pass is singletrack and at times offers a bit of challenge, particularly if it is as slimy on the rocks as I found it, but the views west are what took me there.

I probably ought to type something about my further exploration of plus tyres, as the fatty has allowed me to get time with a 27.5×4.5 a full 27.5×3 (on the rear) and 29×3 front and 27.5×3 rear. With interbike showing upcoming plus tyres from Maxxis that are on the knobblier end of the spectrum, *and* the growing 27.5×2.6 segment (which may well fit more 29″ bike rear ends), it is an exciting time.