3 10 2016

Shimano recently released a CS-M8000 11-46 cassette. It is 11 speed at the XT level. It works with GS (or SGS) derailleurs with one ring at the crank and also DI2.

It is a nicely made cassette. I didn’t weigh it but the ‘heft’ would suggest it is about 100g more than an xtr cassette. Maybe more.

But you gain 6 teeth in range!

It is well made with aluminium carriers for the larger rings and fitting was palaver free: it just required a few turns on the ‘b’ tension screw to make it all work. Well, that and an extra 3 links as well over my 11-40 xtr cassette.

In use, it shifts without issue, on demand, in a very Shimano way: ie: fuss free, there when you need it even shifting smoothly under significant duress.

The range, with a 27.5×3 wheel and 32 ring is fantastic. It is a significant improvement over 11-40 or even 42. I was riding, loaded, up Coire Cas in the Cairngrom without much issue.

Recommend checking these guys out – Shimano quality, large range cassette with superb steps in gear range.




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3 10 2016

11-46 is 1x only, 11-42 works on both 1x and 2x, and 11-40 works on 1x, 2x, and 3x set ups.

3 10 2016

Oops! Misinformation be-gone! Thanks boss, updated!

3 10 2016

No worries!

3 10 2016

is it more sensitive to dropping the chain when you back pedal??

5 10 2016

Sorry for the delay- i had no issues back pedaling. I didnt spend any time back pedaling repeatedly, but i have had issues with other set ups in my normal riding. Here: nada!

5 10 2016

The small cogs are loose w spacers?

5 10 2016


8 10 2016
4 years and ago. | drj0nswanderings

[…] fitted an 11-46 cassette recently, I was able to pedal the lion’s share of the climb and once up top the views opened […]

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