A Thin White Line.

11 01 2017

Many years ago now, when it was first made, I bought this film on DVD. I had it shipped from the USA and watched it once. Why once? because the regional set up is different and it would cause my computer problems with playing European DVDs if I watched it more than once or twice.

Today, I learned that it is available on Vimeo and enjoyed my second viewing more than the first. I throughly recommend sitting and taking the time to take in the athletic achievement of the racers, the stunning scenery and the amazing film making.





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14 01 2017

I bought this movie on VHS when it came out and I used it to try to explain why I wanted to ride the Iditabike. I ended up riding the 2002 ITI when Iditabike didn’t happen that year. Anyway, the film was an inspiration to me, even if my relatives were a little confused by what was to me an irresistible appeal. RJ Sauer (the filmmaker) has been back, now as a racer for the last two races. His instagram feed is gorgeous.

15 01 2017

Interesting! Thsnks!

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