HED rim repair.

15 01 2017

Just over a year ago, I blogged about my HED Big Deal rim breaking and my disappointment with the company’s lack of customer care. Actually, I would probably just class it as straight up bad manners.


I have continued to ride the wheel, occasionally, but I also built up new wheels for the frame.  This allowed me to experiment with different wheel and tyre combinations and also removed the nagging worry that my wheel would suddenly implode while out in the hills.

I had purchased some carbon sheet, UD and 3K, release film and laminating resin with a mind to repair the rim myself, but after researching the process more fully, it seemed that compression of the repair would be important to make it strong. My initial thought was to make some wood forms and use clamps to achieve the compression, but I’ll admit to a degree of inertia with the project.


As winter 2016/17 rolled around, I began to wonder about having the rim professionally repaired. With very little messing around, I emailed Carbon Bike Technics and sent a few pictures of the area on the edge of the rim that had been damaged and sent the wheel in. A few weeks later, I received the rim back with two areas repaired (I had only been aware of one section of damage). One thing I had been concerned about, was the loss of tubeless potential. With carbon repair, you obviously need to add layers of carbon sheet in order to reinforce the damaged area. Although CBT had not been able to promise this would not be affected, on inspection I was confident that they had repaired the surface without interrupting the tubeless interface.


I mounted the tyre, pressurised the Airshot, and bam! I had the rear wheel good to go, tubeless for the first time (I damaged the rim on it’s first ride, when I still had tubes in situ).

I have no misconceptions about the rim’s longevity, but I am more confident in the integrity of the rear rim for riding further afield now.

In short, Carbon Bike Technics did a stellar job in repairing the HED Big Deal rim – I would highly recommend their services if you are in the unfortunate situation to need them.


On a side note: wordpress seem to have changed in a way that means I cant seem to link to my flickr account where I have full sized images. Apologies for the inconvenience if you are trying to look closely. Here is a link to my flickr.





5 responses

15 01 2017

I couldn’t fathom my skills being good enough for a repair in such a small area, let alone being tubeless compatible afterwards. Was there ever returned communication from Hed?

15 01 2017

No further comms from HED. They did change their recommended use for the rims, though, from no restriction to suggesting high pressure and bigger tyres.

23 01 2017

Very odd and not what I would expect from a large company. Still, the repair looks good. Are you aware of Leuscher Teknik’s channel on youtube? He puts up some interesting material, quite partial to a frame dissection. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY9JUMYI54lLOHpb_zbIedQ

16 01 2017
Jay C

You cracked the rim on the first ride??? Damn.. I hope the repair works for you, best of luck getting more mileage out of that wheel!

16 01 2017

indeed i did – my buddy’s rim cracked on the same ride….they are not really suitable for trail riding i guess! thanks

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