Anatomy of a trail.

3 05 2017

It is short, but quite perfect. Primo conditions. Coach, put me in the game.




2 responses

9 05 2017

I discovered your blog last night whilst procrastinating about studying. I don’t know whether to love you or loathe you! I’m going to waste hours reading this when I should be revising! Maybe I can use it to motivate myself by picturing living the dream. I’m in the 4th year of med school at St George’s in London. I’m hoping that the original plan to move to Scotland is still going to happen but my wife and two young kids have other ideas. I fell into med school by chance aged 39, it’s definitely not a calling, but a means to an end. Put it this way, I spend more time dreaming of MTB’ing than patients! I’d ideally like to end up near Perth to do my GP training – great mix of access to hills, hospitals, & cities. Any suggestions from yourself? Keep up the blogging even if it is making me green with envy & wanting to pack-it-all-in & move north!

12 05 2017

thanks dude! you could not do much better than Perth – great venue for ease of access for all the interesting bits up north, but a beautiful city, and ease of access to lots of other stuff too – a fine choice!

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