Marji Gesick.

26 09 2017

Done. 17 hours and change. 103 miles (ish). 12000+ feet of up, though it felt like more. Much more.

The weather threw a curve ball with thunderstorms dropping a reported 45mm of rain in 2 hours the day before, leaving everything slick as, despite the 31-32°c temps. Yep, it was humid in the woods.

Nearly 13 litres of water and or electrolyte and a coke and 2 gatorades. No where near enough food.

A lost pair of Oakleys in the dead of night and scaring up a couple of elk.

Tales to be told. but for now I just need some rest.



Not junk miles.

3 09 2017

At least I hope not.

A mangrunt deluxe, fast. A trip to the Cairngorm. A blast along the canals to Edinburgh to see my bros Chris and Marty – on the anniversary of SSWC 2007, which we organised.

It is all money in the bank for Marji Gesick. The legs are straining as I push as hard as I can for as long as I can. Yeah, I’m still in the 7.30 – 10 hour bracket. It is way less than I expect to be out for in the Michigan woods, but it will have to do.

The weather has not been kind since I returned from Vancouver Island, but you have to make do with what you have.

The Cairngorm loop was a highlight, in terms of terrain. 2 hours to ascend Cairngorm, drop down and then up Stob Coire an t-Sneachda, before tackling the boulder field on Macdui, hitting the top at hour 3. Then dropping the amazing trail to Etchachan and on into Derry. I found myself challenging the steepest drops faster than usual on Kraken and paid the price with a tubeless puncture at the bead edge which made it’s presence known at dusk as I followed the Geldie towards boggy Glen Feshie on the return.

The midge were gathering in unprecedented numbers and I used the Dynaplug to fix the tyre well enough to get back to base. On later inspection the anchovy was holding air except when the casing was compressed – insufficient beef in the tyre wall at the bead edge for it to bind to.

I also smacked the crank pretty hard off a rock, leading to a gouge in it (and my leg). I fixed it later with some black carbon/epoxy repair mix. Prices worth paying for tackling one of the best loops in the country. 9.30 hours in all.

Then it was ride-to-the-ride along the canals between Edinburgh and Glasgow to meet good friends and ride the steep hills of Edinburgh. The 4 hours of graft on the way through were rewarded with good times and good trails with my Telly Savalas brothers for another 4 or so hours of singletrack and big skies before taking the train home after a beer or two.

No reason training has to be dull, right?