Inchconnachan Island.

26 02 2018

Stable, high pressure but a cold, cold wind blowing in from Siberia. Grabbed my bike and stuffed my packraft into my MLD Prophet and hit the trails.

Sped out west, with the help of the bitter easterly. The ruck sack – it’s first use – was notably stable, comfortable and there was no interference with my bike helmet, despite me stuffing my PFD haphazardly into the top of the bag.

The sun nearly broke free just shy of Loch Lomond, but it slunk behind the clouds again and I shivered as I inflated the Yak. Strapping the bike on to the bow, I eased myself into the water, taking note of the choppy conditions. A fishing kayaker warned me the wind was high and to be careful: I thanked him and paddled across the waves to Inchcailoch – the first of the chain of Highland Boundary Fault islands that span the width of this great Loch.

The aim was the 4th island over, Inchconnachan – where a colony of Red Necked Wallabies that were introduced by the land owner in the 1940s still thrive.

Unfortunately, as I rounded Inchcailoch, it was clear the conditions were too rough to cover the several miles of freezing cold water, what with the wind blowing so persistently.

A little disappointed, I headed back to my put-in and took out, tail between legs, but still with a smile playing around my lips. It is always fun to get in a packraft.

A couple of hours to get home and my legs would not respond in the sub zero temperatures. Indeed, snow began to flurry around my penitent head as I made the final few climbs back to base.

In the end, you always get there if you just keep trucking.




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2 04 2018
Finishing the job. | drj0nswanderings

[…] A few weeks ago, I tried to get to Inchconnachan Island, by bike and packraft. Read about it here. […]

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