31 07 2018

A few months ago, I bought some extra insertion tubes for Dynaplug tubeless repair tools. I had been inspired by Nathan Riddle, who had been experimenting with a One Up EDC steerer tube tool kit and fitting in some Dynaplug parts.

I usually carry a Genuine Innovations Mountain Pipe pump. It is a great pump! it uses a small CO2 cartridge as the pump handle, but it can also accept this into the pump head which then works as an inflator. If I threaded a section of aluminium bar to screw into the CO2 canister female threaded hole in the pump, then drilled and tapped it to accept Dynaplug inserts, I could use the pump as a tubeless anchovy driver too.

Eventually, I found the correct Tap and die combination and went to it.

The first iteration was hand made with and a bit squint, but it worked. The second was more accurately made, on my then-new lathe, and I knurled the handle, which I made a bit longer than previously so I could use it on its own or in a pump if needed.

Recently, I was travelling so I wanted to add a quick link to my 11 speed Shimano chain. I had some KMC links, but had bought the Shimano ones, because I thought they would probably work the best. After a beast of a time fitting them and then 4 rides where I could not get it to bed in without a stiff link, I fitted the KMC. Nevertheless, I did buy the One Up chain pliers for their EDC tool as a ‘carry along’ option. Small and neat, they do work well, even though the leverage is diminutive.

In the kit, One Up also send a tiny adaptor to – wait for it! — thread into a CO2 canister female threaded hole and this is then drilled for One Up’s own anchovy fork – reminiscent of the Genuine Innovations one. I suspect they had seen what Riddle was doing and a light bulb came on – just like it had for me.

My next lathe project is some bar end plugs – similar to the Berts-a-like ones made by Menhir Cycles for a Concours de Machines project – also covered on Pinkbike from Eurobike (where I have taken the following picture from) read the article – it’s an interesting beast!

I’m *hoping* to get hold of a Clever Standard chain tool to mount in there as well….we will see if they come back into stock soon!

I’ll be back once I have made some progress.


25 07 2018

I have ridden in Rothrock Forest , State College a number of times since the single speed worlds in 2005.

The riding here is rocky, intense and generally awesome.

I made good friends with some of the guys who live here and have met others over the years of visiting, or passing through en route to Harrisonburg, VA or elsewhere.

On day 2 or 3 I destroyed a maxxis Ikon but lets be serious, I was under-tyred for following a talented local into the chundery rock gardens. The replacement, a maxxis DHR has been amazing and not too draggy when I have needed to use dirt or sealed roads.

I purchased the tyre from Freeze Thaw Cycles, a superb shop filled with a knowledgeable and helpful team of staff and mechanics.

It also has a Grove Innovations museum! well worth a visit!

The Police bike lacked the doughnut holder that came with it – apparently they were thrown away by the non-plussed bike cops who used the bikes!

The bike has been a delight to pilot through these trails. Plus tyres are a real boon for rocky riding if you want to go hardtail or even rigid. A year on, and I wouldn’t change a thing on this bike. It is unreal.

So, a few scuffs have been added along with a bunch of smiles, brews and memories.