6 08 2018

Further progress – then I messed up.

First step was to drill a 3mm hole right through the job.

Next, widen one end to 5mm the other to 4mm so I could tap them to M6 and 3/16″ respectively.

I test fitted an M6 bolt and the Dynaplug driver just to make sure and all was well. The next step was probably the most tricky. I needed to machine a flat surface on both sides of the central shaft, then drill it so they could hold both parts of a Quick link. Milling on a lathe is a complex issue. They are not designed to tolerate the forces milling causes and the rigidity is often wanting. You can get milling slides for the cross slide, but I don’t have one (yet).

In this instance, yet again, I was scratching my head to find a way to hold the job.

Eventually, I decided to try and thread in a long M6 bolt, abut the job against the (round shaft) tool holder and align it so the end mill in the chuck would cut across the job until the start of the flat section was formed, then use the cross slide to extend this down the job.

It went well at first, but I needed to go back and take a little more material off and in so doing….


Dissappointing to be sure! but I had actually come to realise that the central shaft wasn’t *quite* long enough so was intent on making V2 anyway.

I decided to follow through and finish it off just to see if I encountered any more problems. The second flat surface went well as I took less material off with each pass and then I corss-drilled it for the Quick links. V2 will have another notch for an O ring to hold them in place.

So, done with V1. Learned stuff. Need to be able to mill.




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