Mullet: part 2

4 11 2019

After deciding that a mullet (reverse mullet, really) was the way forward for a rigid bike, I started talking to Sean at Vertigo Cycles. He knows me and my riding style well by now and with a few simple questions produced a blue print for a sweet looking bike. I knew before even swinging a leg over, it was going to be awesome.

And so it is.

From the dialled geometry to the sano dropper rooting, internal DI2 and tight tight tight construction, this bike is a pure expression of what a rigid mountain bike should be.

As swift as it is through the winding trails in the trees, it will take flight with aplomb and also be a relaxed multi-hour mile muncher. When called upon, the short rear end and on-point steering geometry, will allow rough and technical trail to be cleared with no drama. It is light, solid and an absolute dream of a bike.

Do I have any more answers about why the set up works so well? not really. My gut feeling is the lower rear axle when compared to the front, combined with the short rear centre, means the rear wheel tucks in and under the front’s turning radius. There is also something about the reduced rear wheel radius on step downs and rocky section. For some reason, the back end feels like it has less amplitude in rough terrain. This, along with the dropper, means you never feel like you will be launched.

All the while, the front wheel’s diameter and cush offers amazing roll over, smoothing out chatter and refusing to drop into holes in the trail.

Over the last few weeks I have ridden the bike back to back with its twin, set up with a suspension fork at 130mm travel and 27.5+ wheels f+r. Differences? yup!

They are both amazing. I have always loved rigid bikes, but there is no getting away from the fact that a suspension fork when set up well is a get out of jail card. It can save your ass when you have stepped over the control line.

One is not better than the other…they are sweet as!



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