Woods Riding 3.

13 04 2015

A quick edit, filmed with a dying battery earlier today.

Woods Riding 3 from dRj0n on Vimeo.

Mangrunt deluxe.

22 03 2015

High pressure, stable weather and a yearning to ride all day long. A twangy lower back muscle after a bit of singlespeed induced hernia-popping climbing action notwithstanding, it was time to grab ‘Maul and run to the hills.

Out through Mugdock, taking in some choice trials that haven’t been dry in months. Pinballing around and loving every second of it.

Then down to business on the West Highland Way: missing the gates, considering my forward progress at Garadbhan.

The back was holding up and the legs were still going round in circles so I could cut north for Aberfoyle, then Callander but I could not think of a fun way back home. So: Mangrunt? Even sans Conic Hill, I had to have a chat with myself and see if I was up for this so early in my spring mileage build-up.

Nothing ventured….

Round the lochs through Queen Elizabeth forest park and then the terrain opens up as you approach the upper portion of Loch Lomond.

Lots of wildlife to be seen.

Some in worse shape than others…

Take the fun trails down the Lochside until Balmaha and ducking in and out of the woods, follow the West Highland way back home.

Seven hours, 75 ish miles. My body reminded me that this building up every year is always a battle, an act of perseverance, but oh, the places you’ll go…


7 03 2015

It would seem that Bespoked and the North American Handmade Bike Show are going to join forces. Having attended both shows in years gone by, I am sure this will be a successful venture in terms of sharing media exposure and resources.

I will be attending Bespoked in Bristol (17th to 19th April 15) and I am looking forward to seeing the current state of play in British, European and even some American custom frame builders.

NAHBS’15 is currently happening in Louisville, in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky. The South Western state, currently socked in by deep snow thanks to winter storm ‘Thor’, is not normally associated with custom builders to the best of my knowledge – Justified and Bourbon being it’s chief exports.

I will be looking for coverage in the usual places:

Velocipede Salon

Face palm

There has been some coverage already:

The Radavist
and Flickr here and here

And I am sure Singletrack will have some coverage soon as well:


Talking of media, I am sure you will know that Cranked is an upcoming magazine, seemingly filling the void left by Privateer. I know I am very much looking forward to issue 1.

Shimano XTR.

3 03 2015

Over the years, I have used a number of iterations of Shimano’s XTR groupset. It has always blown me away, not just functionally, but also in terms of durability. Recently, I had a brief shot of (davechopoptions) XTR 9000 drivechain. Set up 1×11, it feels smooth, with solid clicks and the ratio spread is wonderful. It will be interesting how the front chainring, with it’s unusual steel/hollow aluminium ring and squared-off tooth profile works in time, but knowing Shimano, it will be awesome. The cranks are *way* prettier in the flesh.

This is an interesting video of the changes made to the derailleur to allow it to track the increased radial range of the ‘Rhythm Step’ cassette (which is a work of art composed of one-of-a-kind carbon carriers and ti rings mixed with more usual steel and aluminium carriers).

Having tried this set up, I find it hard to invest in any more experiments in 1×10 set ups with increased range. We’ll see.


27 02 2015

Today, I returned to an old haunt. It has been a looong time…longer than I care to remember. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose? Not really.

I had My Vertigo Maul – intention was to do some forest road climbing and try and get some ascending in the legs. I was also curious to check out how a new, tiny, ridiculously light but functional looking carbon seat post clamp would work. So it goes.

After a stout 15 minutes climbing, I turned off the forest road onto an old boggy trail, at the end of which there used to be a wee decent that linked into an old XC race course from back in the day.

Looks like the trail faeries have been busy, because there was a veritable feast of trails linking to this access trail. The rule of the day was steep. As in STEEP. As ever, photos don’t really catch the angles, but lets say I was at my limit. The melting snow and constant dreich recently have played havoc with traction and 2 wheel drifts around steep corners was the norm. I asked a lot of Maul and he delivered in spades, though the thin, rear Maxxis Ikon was not offering a lot of bite in the fresh cut slop.

Fun and a salutary lessen in keeping an open mind about what a ride is going to entail.

And the clamp? worked like a champ.

Gif: click to make bigger…i think!


Success, of sorts.

25 02 2015

A brief break in the rain today meant I got out on the trails for the first time in days. All good. Conditions were sloppy and muddy, so the aim for today was not to get a big long ride in, but to get a fire going somewhere in the woods and warm my fingers and toes while I ate a sandwich. You see, I’ve been inspired by a couple instragram streams of morning coffee, or wednesday whiskey, enjoyed somewhere out and about, by bike.

So, this was my version.

It is fair to say I have enjoyed little success utilising found tinder and kindling to get a fire going when it has been wet for a prolonged time. Of course, this is the most useful time to be able to get the flames to rise.

Today, the initial flames came easily, but I could not get the bugger to catch properly. Everything to hand was wet and I could not create a hot enough core to the blaze to dry the twigs etc fast enough. Even the silver birch bark I could find or gather was waterlogged and struggled to take.

After 2 hours (I am nothing if not pertinacious), with blood dripping from my finger and blisters forming on my palm, I finally got a fire going with enough gusto to call it a win.

And no, Mike n’ Ikes don’t burn well.

Brutal. But, I feel I am continuing along a path – King Louie isn’t the only one with a desire for Man’s red fire.

The other issue that has had my attention is removing the stainless bearing spacer from an xtr trail pedal that broke. A batch of shimano pedals had axles that snapped, freeing the retaining nut form the end of the axle and causing the body to fall off. This is the second such pedal I have had. It is a good thing that there is a replacement axle kit that just screws in. Unfortunately, in this case, the stainless spacer is caught inside the pedal body.

Suggestions of how to remove have been many – Ez Out, big hammer, blind bearing puller, small expanding reamer, bigger hammer and, of course, a dremel. The simplest may be to drill a hole in the pedal body and drift the stainless tube out, then seal it either by tapping and inserting a small bolt, or just using epoxy. We will see. It does make me wish I had a more ‘complete’ workshop.

Semi-fat ?

16 02 2015

Plus? semi-fat? I’m not entirely clear what the nomenclature ought to be, but the ‘plus’ sized wheels are definitely here to stay.

As such, the range of useful components to build a plus wheel set is growing – rims and tyres.

After a fair amount of lurking around on forums, I decided to order up a set of Nextie hookless, semi-fat rims: 29″ front and 27.5″ rear. Both are 50mm wide and 34mm deep (if memory serves). They seem reasonably well made (more on this later) and are light for the sheer volume of the things. just above and below the 500g mark respectively.

I built them up today and mounted tyres. The weight saving was a mind boggling 300g for the front (1.3kg wheel to a 1kg wheel) and 150g (1.15kg to 1kg) for the rear. With an additional 200g for a tube on the front (albeit with 100g or so of sealant back in at both ends) the weight saving is 450g. This is at the rotating edge of the tyre so is keenly felt.

In addition to the weight loss the rear tyre ballooned. the casing on the 50mm rim is 73mm wide at 30psi and the tread sits at 61.5mm. obviously I expect the casing to shrink a little when the pressure is dropped to 10psi or so, but probably not much. Huge.

So, more on the build soon.


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